About Us

ULTRA HEALTH Physical & Aquatic Therapy is a new privately owned and managed facility located at 53 Brentwood Road, Suite B in Bay Shore, NY 11706.


Our facility offers extensive and caring Physical Therapy services with programs serving a diverse population to manage acute and chronic pain.The facility utilizes state of the art Therapeutic exercise equipment to accommodate all types of rehabilitation. We offer an Aquatic Exercise Therapy Program, that is a comprehensive therapeutic approach, which uses aquatic exercises to aide in the rehabilitation of various conditions.

Ultra Health Physical and Aquatic Therapy provides a hands on approach, closely monitoring patients progress and modifying exercise programs as tolerated. Patients are instructed and issued home exercise programs to maximize the speed of recovery.

The Physical Therapy office has incorporated state of the art computer software to electronically send Initial Evaluations, Re-Evaluations, Progress notes and discharge notices, directly to the MD's office.

An Aquatic Therapy Program is incorporated with traditional physical therapy services when authorized by the patients MD. An integrated program consisting of aquatic and land-based exercises can achieve goals of physical therapy much sooner than land-based exercise alone.

Aquatic Therapy Beneficial for Patients Recovering from:

  • S/P surgical procedures such as operative lumbar laminectomy patients.
  • Podiatric disorders and osteotomy surgery.
  • Shoulder, Sports and work related injuries requiring rapid rehabilitation.
  • Lower extremity fractures with internal fixation allowing for early range of motion, with minimal weight bearing.
  • Rheumatic disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia.
  • Lumbar strain, sciatic and degenerative disc disease.
  • Post knee, and ankle reconstructive surgery.

Numerous benefits to the body foster self-healing as the warm water decreases pain, muscle guarding, tension and anxiety. The special properties of water include buoyancy reducing body weight and stress on joints, hydrostatic pressure aiding blood flow and combating edema, viscosity providing support and accommodating resistance to movement. This enhances exercise and creates a safe, enjoyable environment for rehabilitation.

The use of water is specifically designed for restoration, maintenance and increasing function for patients with arthritis, acute, transient (sports injuries) chronic disabilities, surgical procedures, syndromes and/or diseases.

The Ultimate Goal for each Patient involving Rehabilitation is to restore their quality of life with education,exercise and encouragement.